Monthly Archives: December 2011

All I Want For Christmas

It can be hard this time of year when commercials for everything we could ever want are running non-stop. The mailbox is full of ads and sale after sale is announced on the radio. It can be pretty easy to get convinced we actually NEED all of the things we’re hearing about.

It is o.k. to want things, as long as you remember your worth isn’t determined by what you have or don’t have. When you see an ad, most of the time, the goal of the company doing the selling is to make you feel like your not good enough unless you have their product. You will be healthier, prettier, more popular, more fit, more fun, and all around happier if you just buy what they are selling.

The truth is, while you may feel happy for awhile after buying something that you think will make you feel better about yourself, true happiness comes from believing in yourself and liking yourself. 

Happiness, it turns out, starts on the inside!